Carbo of Rome, work in progress

Instead of working on my novel today, I’ve been working on this website instead. Carbo of Rome is a flawed and troubled veteran of the Roman legions. Living and mixing with the poorest and roughest elements of Roman society, far removed from the palaces and villas of the elite, Carbo tries to cope with his inner demons. When the daughter of an old comrade comes to him for help, Carbo is oath bound to assist. With the help of Vespillo, his friend in the vigiles, Imperial Rome’s night watch and firefighters, Carbo investigates her plight, and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens Rome’s very existence.

This novel is envisaged as the first of a series of action adventures featuring Carbo.

I am now 50,000 words into the first draft, and the writing seems to be flowing. Must be careful not to spend too much time updating this site though!

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