Tales of Ancient Rome by S. J. A. Turney – Review

Tales of Ancient Rome by S J A Turney

Publication date: Nov 2011 (2nd edn, Kindle)

Publisher: Victrix book

Length: 99 pages

The ever-entertaining Turney gives us a collection of short stories set in Ancient Rome, for free. Yes, just from the goodness of his heart. As good short stories should, most have a twist, some of which are more telegraphed than others, some of which I definitely didn’t see coming. Other stories are straight retelling of historical events, like the tale of the end of one of Rome’s less impressive Emperors. We are also treated to an episode from the early life of Fronto, star of the Marius’ Mules series. This is another book I read on the Kindle app of my phone, and the story lengths were perfect for whiling away time while for example waiting in the car. And as it’s for free, what’s not to like? Recommended. And did I mention it’s free?

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